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  • going solo

    Keeping the Summer Going

    July 2012

    For most people, the summer months of April and May are the prime time to head to the beach, or plan that long-deserved outing. But think about it: You concentrate your relaxation within a two-month period, only to go through nine to ten months living through stress, going through the same old-same old. Read more.

  • relaxing

    Relaxing in the city

    July 2012

    Now that vacation season is officially over, we're back to our jobs and everyday routines. Back to the world of deadlines. Just because summer is over, that doesn't mean we can't relax and breathe amidst the whirlwind of activities and responsibilities. Here are some tips on how you can relax while trying to make it in the concrete jungle. Read more.

  • couch potato

    Effects of being a couch potato

    July 2012

    There was a time when early man wasn't such a couch potato. He hunted, pillaged, and overall lived a more active lifestyle. It wasn't about exercise in that case, moving was a simple act of survival.

    Fast-forward to the present day, and we've become bound to our desks and sofas. Unfortunately, we haven't evolved fast enough to adapt to this sedentary lifestyle. Sitting all the time, whether at work or watching TV, can cause great damage to our health. Read more.

  • bloomfields

    Get in shape

    July 2012

    Most people refer to ripped physiques and sultry curves as "beach bodies." Summer is usually the perfect time for people to shed their city clothes and flaunt their hard-worked bodies at the beach. Read more.

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