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  • bloomfields

    The Bloomfields make waves at Matabungkay!

    May 2012

    A good number of things seem to have been made for each other. Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and cola. But all those things pale in comparison to the grand trio of beach, beer and rock n' roll. Mix those three together, and you're guaranteed one heckuva good time! Read more

  • pack your bags

    Pack your bags and head into summer!

    May 2012

    You've made your reservations to Matabungkay, you've rounded up a troop of friends or family. All that's left is to pack your gear and head into a fantastic summer. In the rush to head out, you might forget a few things. Read more

  • memorable summer

    Ingredients for a memorable summer!

    May 2012

    Matabungkay Beach Hotel offers guests the complete resort experience. This means the resort has an array of services and amenities designed to entertain a diverse range of expectations. Read more

  • bloomfields

    Memories of Matabungkay

    May 2012

    The thing that makes Matabungkay great, apart from the prime accommodations and amenities, are the experiences the guests have during their stay. Guests rarely leave the beach hotel without a few wonderful memories to share. One such guest is Ben Johnson, an American English teacher working in Korea. Ben was amazed by the reception given to him and his girlfriend Nicole. Read more

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