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Memories of Matabungkay


The thing that makes Matabungkay great, apart from the prime accommodations and amenities, are the experiences the guests have during their stay. Guests rarely leave the beach hotel without a few wonderful memories to share. One such guest is Ben Johnson, an American English teacher working in Korea. Ben was amazed by the reception given to him and his girlfriend Nicole.

Ben found Matabungkay with no outside recommendations or endorsements. All he did was go online and do some research. "Just a simple Google search for beach resorts near Manila and decided on Matabungkay over others because it was a good fit for my girlfriend," Ben recounts. He found the resort hotel a good fit "both recreationally and financially."

ben johnson

"We choose the Philippines because we wanted to escape the gloomy Korean winter and seek some fun in the sun," the English teacher explains. The Philippine sun and surf had the perfect allure. "The Philippines was the perfect option for us because of its proximity, natural beauty, and unique cultural heritage."

Ben and Nicole packed their suitcases and headed for Batangas. What they experienced in Matabungkay lived-up to expectations. What made the trip all the more interesting was the fact that the couple initially had no Filipino friends or contacts. All they did was jump feet first-into Pinoy culture.

"The service was unrivaled and they (Matabungkay staff) know how to treat patrons with absolute respect and generosity," Ben explains. "I also fell deeply in love with a friend of mine named San Miguel and I promised myself I would come back to visit him" he adds with a gleam in his eye.

Great scenery, great brew, great company – these were the ingredients that made Ben and Nicole's stay memorable. As for a return trip, Ben says: "I am coming back to visit because of the great friends I made. It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many people with a genuine appreciation for life. I was truly inspired by the generosity of the people as well as the worry free lifestyle."

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