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Keeping the Summer Going


For most people, the summer months of April and May are the prime time to head to the beach, or plan that long-deserved outing. But think about it: You concentrate your relaxation within a two-month period, only to go through nine to ten months living through stress, going through the same old-same old.

More and more people are figuring out that spreading time for recreation throughout the year can nurture the soul even more. A rested spirit isn't the only result of this. Going back to work rested and relaxed can increase productivity, and up the morale a bit. Here are some tips for you to spread out the summer relaxation through the year:


Take note of holidays and long weekends

Holidays and those elusive three- and four-day weekends are your best friend. If a two-day weekend will leave you hanging, bring out your calendar and start hunting for holidays. Check out government websites to check for special non-working holidays. Spending that one or two extra days on the beach will go a long way to maximizing your leisure time!

If some family members aren't free, consider going solo


It's a reality most families have to face: the perfect get-away is there, but one member of the family can't make it, perhaps due to a test or important meeting. If it's okay with that person, there shouldn't be a problem going out solo. Most families do this. In reality, we sometimes need vacation time from the family! Make the most of situations such as this.

Keep an eye out for discounts and promos

Seasoned travelers know that airfare and hotel rates are lower during off-peak months. You can take advantage of this and get some awesome savings. Be sure to check out what Matabungkay Beach Hotel has in store during the post-summer months. You might find the perfect discount to make it a truly endless summer!. If you're coming to visit Matabungkay, you can always call our Front Desk (751-6683) for the weather situation in Batangas.

Check weather updates often

While the post-summer months provide lots of opportunities and bargains for outings, the weather might not be so cooperative. Check out weather forecast websites often to make sure the skies will be clear during your arrival. The Philippines can get pretty rainy during the appropriately named wet season, but don't worry; there's still lots of sun to be had.

Schedule outings after exams or major projects

One of the reasons people love to vacation during summer is that the world of responsibilities are far, far away. Tests won't come until after June, and most of the world is in relaxation mode. In short: It's no fun to go on a vacation when there's a major deadline looming. You can set up a vacation as a "reward" for acing that test, or finishing a meeting. That way, you put extra meaning to your outing while knowing that responsibilities are all behind you!

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