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Relaxing in the city

Now that vacation season is officially over, we're back to our jobs and everyday routines. Back to the world of deadlines. Just because summer is over, that doesn't mean we can't relax and breathe amidst the whirlwind of activities and responsibilities. Here are some tips on how you can relax while trying to make it in the concrete jungle.

Pamper yourself


In your efforts to get things done and make good on obligations, you may forget to do something good for yourself. Pampering yourself shouldn't be looked at as a strictly selfish thing. Getting an invigorating spa treatment can recharge your batteries, making you more than capable of surging back to life with renewed vigor!

Have some "me" time

Here's another way to pamper yourself. We spend so much time doing things for other people that we can lose sight of ourselves from time to time. Schedule some quiet time at a park, or at a coffee shop. Unwind and let your thoughts flow freely. It's the perfect opportunity for reflection and introspection.

Have a digital detox

Information is great, as long as we can control the wave of input that comes our way. Unfortunately, smart phones, WiFi, and laptops always keep us "plugged in" and on-call. Facebook updates, text messages, and the internet can generate a lot of noise that takes up some valuable space in our minds. Try shutting down your digital gadgets for a day, or maybe a bit more. Like a breath of fresh air, you'll notice things clear up. Just make sure you're not expecting an important call during digital detox time.

Wake up early to avoid rush-hour traffic

wake up early

This may seem counter-intuitive, since we all love that extra few minutes of sleep. But think about it: Which is worse? Getting up an hour early, or spending an extra hour swearing at traffic, and stuck on the highway? Traffic, pollution, and excessive noise are known to be causes of stress. Make the effort to get up early, and avoid all the ill feelings associated with heavy traffic.

Take up a sport; exercise more

Move more. Being active increases your energy levels and stabilizes your moods. It increases feelings of optimism and happiness. Check the article in this issue for some gyms you might want to try out.

Relax outside the city

wake up early

Who said you have to stay? Why not organize a brief getaway during a holiday or long weekend? Check out the promos section of Matabungkay for some great promos and special rates for the post-summer season. What better way to relax in the city than to leave it?

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