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Novelty is Good for You: Experience the New through Travel.

"Neophilia" or the novelty-seeking trait can be a predictor of well-being, says a recent New York Times article. Understood in another way, being spontaneous and being open to experiencing new things has its benefits.

Think: adventure and fun! And a myriad of new lessons to learn! And one way to experience "newness" is through travel.

So you've been wanting to travel, but really have not been able to. There's always reason not to: no budget, lots of work, family commitments here and there. But travelling need not require a huge budget. Just a little openness and creativity can do the trick.

  1. sign up newsletterSubscribe to bulletins from travel companies or sign up for discount coupons, there are many online! Most companies will have various promos during the year giving discounted rates – don't miss out! At Matabungkay Beach Hotel, by simply "Liking" our Facebook page or subscribing to our online newsletter, you'll be kept up to date with all the new events and promos.
  2. Check travel sites and airlines every now and then. There might be discounts on airfare and accommodations.
  3. sign up newsletterPrint out a calendar of non-working holidays for the year. You can plan your vacations then, however long or short they may be. In our case, you may always check our website's calendar.
  4. Or just once in a blue moon, why not throw caution to the wind and buy that ticket.
  5. travel bagIt's also good to have an instant travel bag ready. Load it with your favorite swim suit, goggles, beach towel, mini-toiletries, and a beach towel. So anytime you feel like going, everything is just grab and go!

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