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We love a winner and her name is Gianne!

gianne photo

She charmed us with her photos of beautiful orange sunsets and boats near the shore.

"For the past three years," she recounts, "I have spent summers at Matabungkay Beach Hotel and it never fails to fascinate me with such wonderful and magical sunsets. It has been part of my vacation to always wait for the sunset and capture its breathtaking moment."

And breathtaking photos they were!

CONGRATULATIONS, Gianne Bobier! Our first winner of the Matabungkay Memories Contest.

As this month's winner, Gianne will enjoy a free overnight stay for two at one of our deluxe rooms.

Gianne's Matabungkay Memories: Her Story

The pictures were taken in May 2011, June 2011, and May 2012. I visit Matabungkay yearly with my family, for summer vacations and birthday celebrations. Last June 2011, we celebrated my sister's and cousin's birthdays in Matabungkay.

It was a superb experience, having a chance to spend time with my family and enjoy the place. There is always this spot where you can take amazing sunset photos, and every year, I never fail to stay there during sunset.

The aquabikes were fun, too. It is tiring, but you get to enjoy the view. We enjoyed our grilled food in Matabungkay, it matches the beach mood.

I always prefer my vacation and holiday places to be away from the polluted metro. I love to breath in the fresh sea air. That is present in Matabungkay. And when it's not peak season, you definitely enjoy its serenity. I would definitely visit Matabungkay again.

*** Gianne Bobier is a fresh graduate, preparing for her board exam to become a registered nurse. Good luck, Gianne! And see you again soon!

Check out Gianne's entry here!

gianne photo

gianne photo

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