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What type of vacationer are you?

When it comes to types of vacationers, there are many kinds. There are those who just want to sit still and chill, and there are those who are seeking adventure and excitement. Which one are you? Whichever you are, we can accommodate you at Matabungkay Beach Hotel. Read on and see how.

banana boatAre you the active and thrill-seeking vacationer?

Frolic in the sea and maybe play a game of beach volleyball, basketball, or tennis. Get the adrenaline rush from our jet ski or banana boat cutting through waves. It's your choice!

banana boatAre you the quiet vacationer?
Curl up with a book in one of our hammocks. Play a relaxed game of outdoor chess, sip on a cocktail by the sand, have a slow lunch on the bamboo raft, and nap under the coconut tree.

Are you a diver or dive enthusiast?
Drop by the beach's Scuba shop and sign up for your first dive lesson, or have the divemaster guide you to the best spots for marine-life watching.

playa grillAre you a foodie?
Eat to your heart's content at our Playa Grill or Café Caballero. We've got a wide range of dishes to choose from. After that, you can enjoy a night cap at the Cogon Bar.

Are you king or queen, prince or princess?
Yes, you are! We can treat you like royalty and massage the tension out of your shoulders at our Solea Spa.

At Matabungkay Beach Hotel, we have a depth of experience in taking care of our guests and giving them memorable holidays, something we've worked at dedicatedly for over 30 years. So, why not try us out for yourself today? Book here and let us welcome you to an endless summer!

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