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The Bloomfields make waves at Matabungkay!


A good number of things seem to have been made for each other. Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and cola. But all those things pale in comparison to the grand trio of beach, beer and rock n' roll. Mix those three together, and you're guaranteed one heckuva good time!

Last March 31, music fans swept into Matabungkay Beach Hotel looking for those three things. Matabungkay hosted "Unang Hirit sa Tag-Init", a special Bloomfields' concert right beside the Batangas shore. Co-presented by San Mig Light, the bash promised a memorable night for those in attendance.

The band fired up their vintage amps and tore through two sets filled with classics and standards. While most of these songs are probably as old as their parents, these good ol' boys played them with authority. Gig opener "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" sounded fresh and punchy, while surf classic "Wipeout" was full of manic energy. Don't call 'em oldies.

Drum stools were tossed. Giant waves of guitar riffs were heard. At one point, Bloomfields bassist Louie Paco flung himself onto a table and gyrated like a certain guy called Elvis. It was, for the lack of a better term, very rock n' roll.

And the crowd definitely approved. During the band's take of the Chubby Checker classic "Twist", an elderly couple moved to the front and did the eponymous dance. Before long, the entire Matabungkay crowd left their seats and not a single rear end was seen seated on a chair.


The gig was also held to announce that the good times are back at Matabungkay Beach Hotel. Along with a new image and website, Matabungkay also made available some renovated amenities and facilities.

To see how Matabungkay Beach Hotel is Makin' New Waves, visit and To make reservations, visit the website or call 09178341269.

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