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  • vacation in matabungkay

    A Smashin' time with The Bloomfields

    February 2013

    Seventies inspired band The Bloomfields charmed Matabungkay audiences yet again in "The Return" last October 27, a concert in time for Oktoberfest. Following the success of their "Unang Hirit sa Tag-init" concert last year, "The Return" proved to be a smashing performance – literally – and we have pictures to prove it!Read more.

  • vacation in matabungkay

    Tour of Matabungkay 2012 Finds a Home with Us

    February 2013

    The Matabungkay Beach Hotel is proud to have been an official partner of the Tour of Matabungkay (TOM) 2012, providing accommodations for the 467 participating cyclists.Read more.

  • Junior Masterchefs Innovate

    Junior Masterchefs Innovate on Regional Dishes at the Batangas Food Festival

    February 2013

    Filipinos love food. Any and every opportunity we can, we find reasons to eat: at office meetings, at get-togethers, trips out of town, even "food trips" from street food stalls to special restaurants.Read more.

  • Matabungkay Like-Share-and-Win Contest Winner Meets The Bloomfields

    Matabungkay Like-Share-and-Win Contest Winner Meets The Bloomfields

    February 2013

    Do people really win on these Facebook contests? With Matabungkay, YES, THEY DO!

    Charlotte Marie Llesis Gonzales, with her creativity and enthusiasm, won the Matabungkay Like-Share-and-Win Contest hands down. Read more.


  • vacation in matabungkay

    Vacation time here is anytime

    October 2012

    At Matabungkay Beach Hotel, summer isn't just from March to May. Here, it's an endless summer!

    One of the benefits of being a tropical country is that the climate stays roughly the same all throughout the year, meaning, almost anytime is a good time to go to the beach.

    And why would you pass up the chance to hang out on the sand, anyway? Curling up by the shore with a favorite book, sipping leisurely on a cocktail, taking an early morning run by the beach. That's what we're talking about: a stress-free environment where you everyday feels like a holiday. Read more.

  • bloomfields return

    This is what's happening in Matabungkay!

    October 2012

    Beach Party with The Bloomfields, October 27
    The Bloomfields are back! This Oktoberfest, party with the awesome '60s-inspired band at Matabungkay Beach Hotel. Following the smashing success of their concert last March on our beach, The Bloomfields will rock it out again this October 27, Saturday. Entrance fee is only P150.00 and comes with a free bottle of San Miguel Beer. Read more.

  • travel bag

    Novelty is Good for You: Experience the New through Travel

    October 2012

    "Neophilia" or the novelty-seeking trait can be a predictor of well-being, says a recent New York Times article. Understood in another way, being spontaneous and being open to experiencing new things has its benefits. Read more.

  • matabungkay Memories

    Share Your Matabungkay Memories and Win a Free Vacation

    October 2012

    We love hearing from you, our guests. How was your stay? Did you have fun? When are we seeing you again? And what better way to tell us than through pictures!

    Get a chance to win cool prizes by joining our Matabungkay Memories contest. It's really easy to join! Read more.

  • Gianne photo

    We love a winner and our winner's name is Gianne!

    October 2012

    She charmed us with her photos of beautiful orange sunsets and boats near the shore.

    "For the past three years," she recounts, "I have spent summers at Matabungkay Beach Hotel and it never fails to fascinate me with such wonderful and magical sunsets. It has been part of my vacation to always wait for the sunset and capture its breathtaking moment." Read more.

  • banana boat

    What type of vacationer are you?

    October 2012

    When it comes to types of vacationers, there are many kinds. There are those who just want to sit still and chill, and there are those who are seeking adventure and excitement. Which one are you? Whichever you are, we can accommodate you at Matabungkay Beach Hotel. Read on and see how. Read more.

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