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Pack your bags and head into summer!

pack your bags

You've made your reservations to Matabungkay, you've rounded up a troop of friends or family. All that's left is to pack your gear and head into a fantastic summer. In the rush to head out, you might forget a few things. Here's a quick list of essentials to bring on your trip to Matabungkay:

  1. Good sunscreen – An essential if you want to work on your tan. Good sunscreen will keep you from turning into roasted beach bum. For Matabungkay summers, we recommend strength of SPF 50.
  2. Umbrella – The sun may be an important part of the resort experience, but there may be times when you need a lil' shade. Open up your umbrella and soak in the surf, sand, but not the sun.
  3. things to bring
  4. Extra-large towels – Lay a large towel on the beach to chill by the water. Make sure you don't use a bath towel for this purpose. Nobody wants to rub sand on their bodies after a shower!
  5. Extra clothes – Make sure you bring more clothes than necessary. You might need it after spilling a drink, or other minor mishaps.
  6. Reading materials – As beautiful as the resort is, you may want to lose yourself in a good book or magazine.
  7. Flip Flops – A no-brainer for a resort holiday!
  8. Sunglasses – Sunscreen for your skin, sunglasses for your eyes.
  9. Large bag – Make sure it's bigger than what you think you'd require. During vacations, our stuff always seems to magically multiply. A large-bag is doubly important if you have friends at home expecting pasalubong!

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